Helping Men Rise Above

The Orchard House Transitional Home, located at 135 Milan Arsenal Highway, Milan, Tennessee. Is a 100-capacity house for inmates reentering into society. Our main goal is to greatly reduce recidivism. We offer an innovative solution to reentry into society through education and salvation. Along with structured classes customized to allow participants to grow into the setting of home life upon release.

The program is tailored for those who recognize they have a life-controlling problem and need assistance in a structured environment that is firmly rooted in Christian principles. The Orchard House is an approved Tennessee Department of Corrections Transitional house. This is a 12-18-month program; however, the average stay for participants is 12 months. The Orchard House program will teach men to reject passivity, to embrace responsibility, to lead courageously, and to invest eternally. The 12-month program consists of daily classes spaced out through the week on spiritual growth, work ethics and job training, community outreach and service hours. Food, shelter, transportation and assistance with supportive services and education and career goals are provided.

Alliance Staffing Group

Since our humble beginnings, We Have been able to pay off over $150,000 in fines, place men in long term employment positions, restore men to the communities as taxpayers instead of tax dependents. Alliance Staffing Group has an innovative approach to restore our program participants with the skills essential to be productive members of society.